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King Thick. Royalty. Regal. Buick Regals. Cortez Nikes. King Thick. Cholos in their own right. The power of these men is very great. It takes a special chemistry for a band these days to be around for more than just a few years, and these individuals have found the secret recipe. Playing together since high school, they have been through everything from extreme success to extreme weight gain. King Thick have shared stages in both world renowned venues and world class dumps, with world class acts and no-business-being-in-a-band bands. From opening up for artists like Eric Claptons neighbor's band and The Arcade Tire to headlining their own festivals in Moldova and that big field outside the Jiffy Lube, the guys have done it all. King Thick has captured many fans and friends through their extremely tight and intricate live performances, brewing over with fun stage antics and audience participation. I have even seen them conduct a "BEER BONG CHALLENGE" on stage; That was nuts. The only way to truly appreciate their live performances is to attend one, or two, or sixteen.


Warren is a unique individual. His sexual prowess is unmatched even by the likes of David Beckham, Johnny Depp or Screech Powers. One afternoon in June of 2002, Warren had lunch with Michael J. Fox. They ate tofu burgers and talked about what it must have been like to star on the popular 80's sitcom "The Love Boat". Often referred to as a "Les Claypool wannabe", Warren can make a pretty damn good bacon-wrapped meatloaf. His father has been credited with the invention of Miracle-Whip. Warren also enjoys long walks through the Compton Indoor Swap Meet. 


When Harry turned 14, his Mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday. She could not find a hooker so she bought him his second birthday wish, a drum set. When Harry first held a drum stick he knew what his life's mission was to be, to play drums for K.D. Lang, Melissa Etheridge or any other lesbian rock star. Harry fell enormously short of that goal and has since lowered his bar. Steadily pounding out the beats for King Thick for several years now, Harry has finally come to accepct that K.D. Lang just isn't calling him back. 


Hailing from Michoacan, Mexico, Richard Nuno, a drug runner for a very prestigious cartel, offered to take time off from his "tunnel digging" business to lend us his expert percussion playing skills. Giving Ricky Ricardo a run for his money, Rich, aka Drumrap, has brought in a energetic and diverse mix of instruments and playing styles, giving our Latino fan base some more reasons to lean like a cholo. Rich also plays drums for Long Beach, CA based band AEF. 
Defeat??  I don't waste my time with it, 'cause when it comes I won't even notice. Why?  'Cause I'll be too busy looking good.

Mr. Williams

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